Christopher Aaron Walter, Sex Offender Who Fled Georgia, Busted Riding His Bike in S.F.

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Christopher Aaron Walker
Apparently, some Southern boys have taken an uncomfortable liking to San Francisco. The SFPD caught another wanted sex offender from the South who reportedly cut his ankle monitor and left Georgia to make a new home here in San Francisco.

According to Officer Albie Esparza, 30-year-old Christopher Aaron Walter was arrested on Tuesday after he was caught illegally riding his bike on a sidewalk near an elementary school in the Richmond District.

Walter initially lied to the cops about who he was until officers explained to him that unless he offered some identification, they'd have no choice but to book him. Walter then fessed up, giving the cops his name, age, and birthday.

A quick run through their records showed that Walter was a sex offender on the run; they arrested him and got in touch with Chatham County authorities, who are looking forward to his return. Esparza says that Walter will be extradited back to Chatham County to face charges including probation violation and failing to register as a sex offender.

According to the Savannah Morning News, Walter was convicted in 2002 for enticing a child for indecent purposes; he has since been deemed a sexual predator by the state of Georgia. Walter last registered as homeless with the Chatham County Sheriff's Office's Sexual Offender Registry Team, but then he cut his ankle monitor on Nov. 13 and made a run for the West Coast.

Two days earlier, San Francisco arrested 57-year-old Arthur R. Salinas, a Texas parolee and convicted sex offender. Salinas allegedly followed a woman from a store for about a block before violently attacking and sexually assaulting her.

"I don't know why [Walter] came to San Francisco," Esparza says. "But now one is en route to Texas and one is en route to Georgia."

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They came to SF because it's a sanctuary city for rapists and illegal immigrants.  Lots of transients to prey on, and a pd and da who will drop the violent sex charges for a plea bargain, then get you a job via the sheriff's department. 


SF has more paroled sex offenders per capita than anywhere else.  They do reoffend, and our DA invariably drops charges down to nothing.  It's SOP to drop sex charges on rapists to get a plea deal, and the perp doesn't have to register.  And every one of them has plenty of victims, and won't stop unitl they are dead.  I would suggest to all women that they have several deadly weapons in their "earthquake kit" because once it hits, you can count on thugs and rapists running completely amok, and there will be no helo coming. 

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