Christine Shreeve Hubbs, "Hummer Mom," Back in Jail for Pornography Possession

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Loves young boys and jail
Update 1:57 p.m.: The Chronicle reports that Hummer mom was busted with pornography when cops made a surprise visit to her house on Friday. No word on whether the pornography involved children, but her parole terms say she can't have any porno at all, according to the paper.

Original story 8:15 a.m.:Christine Shreeve Hubbs, the Mormon mother who was sent to jail three years ago for having sex with teenage boys, one of whom was her daughter's boyfriend, has reportedly landed herself back in jail for violating her parole.

No word on what her violations entail, but we do know that she's currently sitting in her home away from home, the Santa Rita Jail, with not a chance in hell of getting bailed.

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According to news reports, the 44-year-old sex offender was arrested Friday night in Hayward. Reporters seemed surprised to learn that Hubbs, better known as Hummer mom, had already been released into the real world after she was handed a five-year prison sentence in 2010. For some reason, police wouldn't tell the media when she had been released from prison.

As readers could probably not forget even if they tried, Hubbs earned the name "Hummer mom" when she started having sex with underage boys inside her family Hummer. In an jailhouse interview with ABC's Dan Noyes, Hubbs explained how the illegal relationships started; she blamed the 14-year-old youngsters, saying they initiated the sexual encounters and she just "went with it."

According to her side of the story, the first sexual encounter happened in 2008 during a trip to her family's house in Tahoe. Hubbs claims she had fallen asleep in a queen-size bed with her two daughters and her daughter's boyfriend. At some point, she said, there was some "feeling around."

She said that she tried to get the boy to stop, but then she was worried her kids would wake up, so she led him into another bedroom where they had "sexual encounters."

"I didn't start it; I didn't touch anything back," she told Noyes back in April 2011. "It was him -- he started it."

Of course, detectives found some clues that tell a completely different story; here's your refresher:

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As usual, all the small time citizen retards are busy worrying about horny boys getting lucky.  Something that is legal is many other countries.  I'm not saying it should be, but the fact that we ruin lives over something that is perfectly legal in other countries is ****ing pathetic.  Especially when those same people will take a nice little vacation to those countries (countries with lower age consent laws).

And put back in prison (on the tax payer dime) for PORN!?  NOBODY would agree to that.  This is such an absolute pathetic example of how our government DOES NOT WORK FOR THE PEOPLE.

 Two officers in Texas, who SWORE TO UPHOLD THE LAW, raped two women.  NO JAIL TIME.  NO PUNISHMENT.

 What does more damage to the planet?  A 14 year old having sex, or two POLICE OFFICERS who wield death-dealing devices operating OUTSIDE THE LAW, then not getting punished for it?

Even more sad is how none of these people seem to care about holding people in power responsible for their crimes.  No... no... they are just crabs in a barrel.  Gotta go after their neighbors!  Let's all gossip about the lady having sex!  Probably because all those people are fat ugly losers in bad marriages and are just mad at their own lack of a sex life.

Humans are the most pathetic species that ever existed on planet earth. 

Parker T Gibbs
Parker T Gibbs

Give her a Lifetime Achievement Award instead of prison

Benji Cooper
Benji Cooper

Damn those 14 year olds! They're always getting responsible, hardworking , "should know better" adults in trouble! :D


@anon9999999999999 Seems like you, as a clearly well-adjusted, self-possessed person, thought this through, carefully and soberly, and came to a sane, measured conclusion. Good for you.

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