Camel Runs Loose on East Bay Road, Gets Hit by Minivan

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Jjron via Wikimedia
This isn't Rudy, but you get the idea
A 2,000-pound camel named Rudy ran away from home not once but twice last night, creating a puzzling traffic jam that ended when the 10-year-old ungulate bumped his hump.

Rudy reportedly made his way to Bailey Road in Concord after slipping through his wire enclosure about 3 p.m. From what we read this morning, cars stopped and drivers attempted to coax the spooked animal back to safety until police arrived.

According to the Mercury News, Rudy eventually got hungry and started grazing on the shoulder of the road. The drivers held him until police arrived and sent Rudy home.

Traffic resumed as normal until about 6:45 p.m., when Rudy was spotted again on Bailey Road, between Concord and Pittsburg. According to the Merc, a red minivan hit Rudy. The camel got up after the collision and walked around before he started running on the road.

Raymond Ferrante, who works for a Bailey Road land management company, worked with several others for hours to corral Rudy into a trailer where the tall, ornery ungulate reportedly bumped his hump.

A vet is expected to examine Rudy this morning.

"He's fine, he's hot and his adrenaline's pumping, but he's fine," Ferrante told the Merc. "I have never done this before, so I can put [rescuing a camel] on my résumé."

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Paul Varga
Paul Varga

And what truck showed up soon after? The Camel Tow!

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