5 Reasons California Businesses Should Not Move to Texas

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Earlier today, Californians were struck by a new radio ad Texas Gov. Rick Perry put out, asking our state businesses to pick up and relocate to the Lone Star state. The governor/failed presidential candidate bragged about Texas' low taxes and easy regulations would make businesses life so much easier.

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Okay, so you can probably make a shitload of money while killing trees and not sweat about getting sued. Still, you don't see the Googles and Apples of the world vying for Texan headquarters. As California Gov. Jerry Brown eloquently put it, anyone "with half a brain" is coming to California, not Texas.

And here are some possible reasons why:

5. Whatever money you save on taxes, you'll have to spend on building really big parking lots, like Texas-sized lots, and insane amounts of air conditioning.

4. How in the hell would a Civil War redux be good for business?

3. Our guess is that office Happy Hours at the Lone Star Saloon in Texas will never be quite as fun as office happy hours at San Francisco's Lone Star Saloon

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I moved from SF to West Texas a year ago and immediately found better paying work with an exceptional arts organization. I also found an incredible community of people who worked hard to push the envelope in their creative endeavors and civic engagement. While Texas may not be as ethnically diverse as California (it is predominantly Hispanic and Anglo) it is philosophically, politically, and socially diverse. This article is just snarky and reductive, which unfortunately most of SF has become since the Google/Apple/ Tech start up crowd took over. Its no longer a bastion for the super radical but for the super rich. So long, Golden State... I'll be in Texas. 


njudah topcommenter

Parts of Texas are quite nice but most of it is flat and boring. Also if you get in an accident you have no rights. And your kids are likely to get pregnant.


If youre from califonia movin to Texas ( watch out for Law enforcement) there not very friendly  , but neither is L.A.P.D.  theyll trump up charges on you in a second , save your ass and stay out of texas .. this all can happen in a few minuets on the hwy, speeding ! might even get a plce to stay for a night or two,   its called jail, fuck texas period

Sarah Beckley
Sarah Beckley

Um...Google and Apple already have offices in Austin, TX.

NorCal Crowe
NorCal Crowe

So basically ....there aren't any reasons to stay....hahahahahhaha bad when you couldnt come up with anything good...damn.

mrericsir topcommenter

@Sean Kerns There is one reason to stay: it's not Texas.

 If you need educated workers for your business, Texas would be the last place to move.

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