Here's Your 49ers Super Bowl XLVII Drinking Game

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Colin Kaepernick has given Niners fans plenty to toast about.
What a time to be in San Francisco. On Sunday, the world's eyes will be on The City's team. The Super Bowl is America's favorite unofficial holiday, and San Francisco will be right in the middle of the national party. A day of greasy foods, shouting, and general indulgence; a day for revelry and drink (unless, of course, you end up at Mayor Lee's Super Bowl party).

So raise your glasses to the City of Champions. Here's one possible San Francisco 49ers Super Bowl XLVII drinking game.

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The Amazing Kaepernick: Play-Faking the Culture

Drink when...

An announcer:
notes any of the Bible verses on Colin Kaepernick's upper body
ponders where Alex Smith will play next season
says "fastball"
says "deer antler velvet"
says that a team is "playing smashmouth football"
mentions Frank Gore's knee injuries
mentions the time Anquan Bolden fractured his face
(two drinks if an announcer says "long-term brain damage")
mentions that this may be Ravens' center Matt Birk's final game
(three drinks if Birk's potential retirement is mentioned before Ray Lewis')
mentions the Golden State Warriors
quotes Edgar Allen's Poe's "The Raven"
(finish your drink if an announcer addresses gay rights)

Any of the following is shown on TV:
Ray Lewis crying
Vernon Davis crying
split screen of the Harbaugh brothers
Sammy the tortoise
highlights from the Niners' Super Bowl against the Chargers in 1995
Kaepernick playing baseball
clips of the 2012 World Series
Alex Smith riding in the San Francisco Giants championship parade
a chart comparing Kaepernick's statistics with Steve Young's and Joe Montana's
Jim Harbaugh's Hail Mary attempt in the 1995 playoffs

Any of the following happens in the game:
Randy Moss touches the ball
a Ravens player mockingly kisses his biceps
Delanie Walker drops a pass
Doshon Goldston gets penalized for the way he hit a receiver
Bernard Pollard gets penalized for the way he hit a receiver
Jim Harbaugh stomps his foot in anger
Ray Rice fumbles
Brendon Ayanbadejo makes a solo tackle
Kaepernick converts a third down with a run
Mike Iupati drives Haloti Ngata into the ground
Joe Flacco overthrows a receiver on a deep route

Any of the following gets mentioned or shown:
Barack Obama
Jack Harbaugh
Bourbon Street
Bill Walsh
Trent Dilfer
Steve Young
Dwight Clark
Tim McDonald
Tom Brady
Manti Te'o
Ronnie Lott
Andrew Luck
University of San Diego
(two drinks for Josh Johnson)

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