49ers Fans Were Too Disappointed to Trash San Francisco Last Night

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This didn't happen last night
If ever there were a silver lining to be had from our sad Super Bowl loss, it's that nobody was excited enough to smash up businesses and beat up other football fans.

Disappointed fans instead drowned their sorrows in a bottle of alcohol (sorry, Mayor Lee) before stumbling home to pass out and forget about the team's 34-31 loss against the Ravens.

According to San Francisco police, preliminary numbers indicate 25 people were arrested last night on suspicion of public intoxication. Of course, the third quarter blackout didn't help the city's intoxication level, giving football fans 34 extra minutes to drink heavily. Call it a cosmic smack to Mayor Ed Lee, who was hoping nobody would drink at all.

Other than the occasional drunk who tossed a beer bottle at a cop, Muni buses remained untorched and the Mission District remained (mostly) untouched.

"City-wide, everything seemed to be pretty good," Officer Carlos Manfredi told the SF Appeal. "We did have a couple of flare-ups in the Mission District but otherwise everyone seemed to be behaving themselves."

Consider that a small victory.

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njudah topcommenter

it was especially calm in the Inner Sunset...then again when the Giants won last year, it was festive, but no bus burnings or riots. It was fun, so much so the police were posing with fans in pictures because no one was being a jerk. Kinda nice.

Benji Cooper
Benji Cooper

You don't think the Police State in the Mission had anything to do with it?

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