49ers Who Appear in "It Gets Better" Video Deny Making the Video for LGBT Youth

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It gets worse ... for him
Update 12:28 p.m.:: Dan Savage, the creator of the popular It Gets Better campaign, said via Twitter that he has pulled the 49ers video.

Original Story 8:15 a.m.: Looks like the 49ers' PR department might be clocking some overtime this week.

After 49ers player Chris Culliver made his public apology for his grammatically-incorrect anti-gay remarks, his teammates Ahmad Brooks and Isaac Sopoaga took over the spotlight with their own dumbass remarks.

Apparently, the two players who helped create the team's "It Gets Better" video last year say they have no recollection of making it. "I didn't make any video," Brooks was quoted saying in USA Today. "This is America and if someone wants to be gay, they can be gay. It's their right. But I didn't make any video."

And then reporters in New Orleans pulled out their iPhones and showed the players the "It Gets Better" video.

"Oh, that. It was an anti-bullying video, not a gay (rights) video," Brooks said.

USA Today then informed the football star that majority of teens who are bullied are bullied because of their sexual identity. To which Brooks responded:

"I know that. I know that. Okay, you're right and I'm wrong. Are you from one of those New York newspapers?"

Will someone please turn the mic off these guys?

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who gives a shit what they made it for? so what if it was aimed at LGBT...I mean is it that bad? Did they spin a negative view on it? Did they say you're a fudge packer or you're a twat licker an you should die? No they said it get's better....it's true so many people use derogatory talk such as the 2 aforementioned terms, and much worse. There are a lot of horrible, bias, discriminating, bigots out there.....but here are also lots of kind people. My gf is bi, and I love her to pieces..so yea...it does get better....not everyone is an asshole.

mrericsir topcommenter

Starting to think all pro sports leagues should make their players sign a vow of silence.

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