Yes, SF Weekly Was Sold to the Same Guy Who Owns the Examiner and Bay Guardian

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SF Weekly was officially sold to the San Francisco Newspaper Company, which also owns the San Francisco Examiner and our longtime rival, the Bay Guardian.

As of midnight Wednesday, SF Weekly staff was no longer employed by Voice Media Group. Todd Vogt, president and publisher of the SF Newspaper Company, said he will consolidate operations and relocate to 225 Bush Street where the Guardian and Examiner are located.

"I'm excited," Vogt said. "I wanted this paper since I got to San Francisco -- I think it's one of the best weeklies in the country."

Voice Media Group issued the following statement this morning:

The deal, effective immediately, means that The San Francisco Newspaper Company ("SFNP") will assume operations for the paper beginning today. The sale of SF Weekly will allow Voice Media Group to focus on growth opportunities for mobile and online platforms and to develop core digital offerings in its other key markets.This is a strategic decision aligned with the long-term business goals of VMG.

"Todd Vogt is known for his expertise in the local paper space and he is a great choice to take ownership of SF Weekly," said Scott Tobias, CEO of Voice Media Group.

Financial details of the deal will not be disclosed.

So there you have it, dear readers, the latest news about the news.

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sebraleaves topcommenter

We are witnessing a dwindling channel for independent investigators.


"one of the best weeklies in the country"? Well, it was once, maybe.

Under their management, it may be destined to eventually transform into as much of an ass-wipe as the once prestigious Examiner has.

The San Francisco Examiner...delivered free-of-charge to your door, every Sunday...and well worth every penny you paid.

I guess this signals the death of independent journalism in San Francisco.

I subscribe to the Chronicle. Not because I think it's a good newspaper (it isn't), but because at this point, it's all we've got, and we can't afford to let it go.

Clarice Corell
Clarice Corell

Super. Can I look forward to more litter in my neighborhood? Mr. Vogt loves to wrap his crap newspaper in a plastic bag and leave it for us to recycle every Sunday morning.

red.marcy.rand topcommenter

Awful news ! So some left libtard now owns all three alternative papers.............


..a beautiful world...

red.marcy.rand topcommenter

@jrigney340 Actually we will be much better off when the Comicle ceases to exist. We can't afford not to let it go.

red.marcy.rand topcommenter

@Clarice Corell Plastic bags are fine, it's his papers that suck.

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