Top 10 Most Unforgettable Stories of 2012

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6. Gregory Tyler Graniss Arrested on Suspicion of Smashing Muni Bus in World Series Celebration
This guy's face was plastered all over the Internet after he allegedly smashed the holy hell out of a Muni bus -- his bizarre way of celebrating the Giants sweeping the World Series back in October. Even more shocking than his barbaric behavior that night (for which he's apologized) was seeing so many locals rally in defense of Muni for a change.

5. Guardian Almost Officially Sold to Examiner, Guardian Building Sold to Developer
For decades, the Guardian and its staff have insulted the Weekly and its writers because we were purchased by an out-of-town corporation. Now that the Guardian sold out to a corporate interest group led by out-of-towners ... well, as SF Weekly's Benjamin Wachs said, "This is the foie gras of Schadenfreude. The delicious hypocrisy is so thick it's spreadable, yet it melts in your mouth like ice cream."

4. Feds Move to Close Harborside Health Center, California's Biggest Marijuana Dispensary
Not just bad for medical marijuana users, but bad for cash-strapped Oakland, which relies on the pot dispensary as its second-largest retail taxpayer. This battle is to be continued in 2013.

3. Sheriff Charged, Barred from Visiting Family
If voters didn't know who Ross Mirkarimi was when he was running for sheriff in 2011, they sure as hell did by Jan. 13, 2012 when the supervisor-turned-sheriff was booked inside his own county jail on domestic violence charges.

2. Obama Comes Out for Gay Marriage -- Finally
A political turning point that began the honeymoon period for Obama and gays.

1. World Series: For the Giants, It's the Illusion of Magic
Fuck yeah. And we can't wait to see what the Giants bring us in 2013.

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