Central Valley Orangutan Predicts 49ers Will Definitely Win the Super Bowl

She also knows what you did last summer
When you think of the Central Valley, only negatives come to mind: Scott Peterson, insanely high foreclosure rates, and creepy teachers who move in with their students.

But Siabu, the 49ers-loving orangutan at Fresno's Chaffee Zoo, has given the sweltering hot, Republican-loving region a decent name, for a change.

According to the zoo's Facebook page, Siabu's keepers gave her a big box with two identical boxes inside. One contained a fleece blanket with the 49ers team colors, the other with the Baltimore Ravens team colors.

Whichever blanket she chose, that would almost certainly be the winner of the Super Bowl.

As you will see in this video below, it didn't take long (a few seconds) after opening the box for Siabu to show her red-and-gold pride.

Of course, football fans/Facebook followers had a lot of fun with this one. Here's some comments from viewers who watched the precognitive primate make her pick:


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