San Francisco Just Isn't Gay Enough for Oaklanders

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What's gayer than a unicorn in Oakland?
We have yet to recover from last year when we were told that the God-worshiping city of Salt Lake City, Utah, was gayer than San Francisco. Now, the gay universe is adding insult to injury when it decided that Oakland, the place San Franciscans love to hate, is gayer than gay.

Using this criteria below, the Advocate decided that not only is San Francisco not the gayest city in the nation, but our stepsisters across the bay are more homosexual and fabulous than S.F.

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Adds up to gay

Oakland, with its population of 395,817, came in as No. 11, while San Francisco got honorable mention. Here's what the Advocate had to say about this hella gay city.

While it's seriously hard to compete with San Francisco's LGBT cred, Oakland is no less vibrant yet more diverse and affordable. In fact, it boasts more lesbian couples per capita than any other major American city and ranks third in gay- and lesbian-headed households, after San Francisco and Seattle. This city has students, families, funky gays, an annual Black Pride and Black LGBT Film Festival (, and the East Bay Front Runners (, so you can see the scenic bay while burning off the calories consumed at the super-popular White Horse Bar ( the night before.

Perhaps all the gays are moving to Oakland to be closer to the White Horse. We kinda doubt that, though. More likely, it's the cheaper housing, the booming downtown restaurants, and the fact that everyone, gay or straight, can still park for free on Sundays in Oakland.

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The motivation for us gay folk to live in Oakland, or more specifically its suburbs, is that we're over 30, paired up, and out of the bar scene. Our priorities have changed. Rather than wanting to live closer to the "action," we're seeking quietude and proximity to work. Now that the real estate market is stabilizing, and Oakland is attracting world-class restaurants (far more important to us than bars), we're expecting a goodly inrush of new neighbors, many of them "friends of Dorothy."


Well,that's just too faggoty for words


Well SF was great but now it's 2013 who cares who's gayer ten gay!!!!!

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