Reward to Catch Dog Killer Grows to $3,000

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via In Memory of Roxy Facebook page
Less than a week after a man killed a woman's pup mid-robbery, reward money has been pouring in to help arrest the man who grabbed the victim's 12-year-old Pekingese and tossed it into oncoming traffic.

On Dec. 28, the victim pulled over on Leavenworth and McAllister streets to look for her cellphone that had fallen under her car seat when a man robbed her. He reportedly dug inside her pockets, grabbed money, then demanded more. Inside the car, the victim's dog, Roxy, barked at the man, who then told the woman he'd kill the dog.

And that he did.

See also: SFPD Releases Video of Suspect Accused of Killing Dog During Robbery The man grabbed Roxy and threw her in the street, in the way of oncoming traffic. The dog was rushed to the vet, but doctors were unable to save Roxy's life. Since the tragic incident, the victim, who does not want to be named, created a Facebook page dedicated to her dog, who she called her "best friend."

Per Roxy's Facebook page:


Meanwhile, witness Alex Paul and other angry dog-lovers have started a campaign to raise money for the reward. Paul told KTVU: "I can't bring her little dog Roxy back, but I guess I would want her to know that there are good people in the world as well."

If you want to kick in some cash for the reward, donations can be made to the "Roxie the Dog Reward Fund," account No. 0100219702, at the Gateway Bank branch at 919 Clement St. in San Francisco, or the branch at 18th and Webster streets in Oakland.

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Piece of shit. Hope he overdoses.


This is a horrid crime.  This person has horrible demons that haunt him and will eventually come forward through the guilt that weighs over his soul.

God Bless you and your precious little angel, I am  so sorry for your loss.

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