Read This Not Too Aggressive But Very Detailed Parking Note

Bernal Heights neighbors' back-and-forth passive aggressive parking notes have become one of our favorite new mediums for literary expression.

In this latest episode delivered by the Bernalwood Press, an unknown neighbor left an annoyed note on a car that was taking up more space than its fair share. But what was amusing about this particular missive was how well the victim provided a detailed log of the ongoing offense.

Check it out:

Courtesy of the Badass Bernalwoodpress

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Neighbors Try to Resolve Parking Wars With Really Passive-Agressive Notes

That's four days' worth of log-ins that we can read, and the car still hasn't been towed?

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sebraleaves topcommenter

What makes you think the SFMTA is supposed to help you? SFMTA is there to annoy and control you. They are punishing the garage owner for having the gaul to NEED their car.

Darryl Manco
Darryl Manco

Tow their asses and be done with it. Rude does not deserve nice.

Mayu Ko
Mayu Ko

These are late by ten years. You should have seen the notes the Marina stroller moms were leaving on the cars.

Travis McDermott
Travis McDermott

I would've had that car towed long before it got to be Monday...

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