Nudists Hope Their Naked Bodies Will Stop Supervisor Scott Wiener From Rising Politically

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If nudists weren't using their nakedness to make a political statement before, they sure are now.

San Francisco's naturists are planning to strip down once again at City Hall tomorrow when the Board of Supervisors is expected to select its next president. The nudists hope that dropping trou will convince city supervisors not to make Supervisor Scott Wiener the next president.

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Here's the nudists' invite:

Stop Scott Wiener from becoming president of the Board of Supervisors! -- nudist activists will attend the Inaugural Meeting of the SF Board of Supervisors, make public comment and get naked in protest if Scott Wiener gets elected. If you undress with us please bring your ID and keep it with you (in a sock maybe). It helps speed up the process of getting released if we get detained. At that meeting we actually have a very good chance of averting Wiener's election and helping a good Supervisor get elected instead. I suggest that we all wear "Recall Wiener" hats, T-shirts or headbands made of paper.

Nudists are unhappy with Wiener (ironic!) because the Castro rep was responsible for taking away their favorite pastime: walking around town without clothes. The Board of Supervisors approved Wiener's legislation last year, banning public nudity except at some permitted events, including Gay Pride, Folsom Street Fair, and Bay to Breakers. Also, if you are younger than 5 years old, you should have no problem running around without diapers on.

Outraged by the new law, which goes into effect Feb. 1, nudists filed a lawsuit in federal court, claiming that the ban is violating their constitutional right to free speech. Last month, the City Attorney asked a judge to toss the lawsuit.

In addition to fighting for public nudity in San Francisco, the nudists have also been working on an e-book, titled Free Your Body! Free Your Mind!, which will undoubtedly include naked photos. After stripping down at City Hall tomorrow afternoon, the nudists will head over to the Center for Sex and Culture for a book release party. It should be a revealing read.

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