Public Nudists Have 15 Days Left of Grossing People Out

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Will soon need a wardrobe
We know there's gotta be some parents out there counting down the days from their kitchen calendar where they can safely take the kids on a family stroll to Dolores Park without fear of running into those freely flapping dicks.

On Feb. 1, the new law banning most public nudity begins, which means all the naked people will have to cover themselves in some sort of fabric before they leave the house, or face an unpleasant fine.

Nudists, hoping to reverse this law, are going to give San Francisco one last show (at least, we hope it's the last) tomorrow when they will gather naked in front of the Federal building -- the same day their class action lawsuit goes before a judge.

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Public nudists (who are now referring to themselves as urban nudists) filed their claim last year, calling the nudity ban unfair, and, more importantly, unconstitutional.

"It violates the First Amendment right -- right to free speech. It also violates the 14th Amendment: equal protection rights. Since the city is making an exception for expensive city-permitted events that very few people can afford to put on, an inequality is created, which violates equal protection rights," nudists say. "The ban also goes against the California State Law and the Fedral[sic] Law which do not criminalize non-sexual nudity."

According to Matt Dorsey, spokesman for the City Attorney's Office, the judge could rule from the bench tomorrow or or provide some indication of how he intends to rule. "We think he'll hold the hearing and take it under consideration," Dorsey said.

It will probably the same T&A you've seen at most nudists events, but tomorrow the temperatures are expected to be chilly again, so it might be worth your lunch break to see if these exhibitionists can bear the cold tomorrow (they didn't weather the winter rain so well).

If you haven't seen enough, head over to the Federal Court House at noon.

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I dont mind seen naked people in the city !! AS LONG A THEY ARE SOME GOOD LOOKING 1s !!

but MOST of the people who i seen are over 50+ not k with that !! lolz .....can some one tell me this!.... how is the nudist life??


Been going to clothes-optional beaches for over 40 years (mostly wreak beach and little trib hornby island), configured my back yard so I could go naked; that said, I don't get wanting to walk around naked in public where people are going to be offended for whatever reason (and I've done a few offensive things in my time).  I certainly do not see it as a freedom of speech issue (talking about public nudity pro or con might be).  Probably more along the lines of exibitionism.  How about putting your energy into something more meaningful like getting assault rifles banned.  Just a thought.

gghyu Don't be absurd! The world has passed you by, have you not heard of the sexual revolution? Most swingers are nudists and we are in charge now. We have a right to walk naked anywhere we please and quite frankly, this is just the beginning. We also have a right to participate in public sex. Dogs and other animals are always nude and they have sex in public, surely humans have more rights than the common dog.

"Public nudists (who are now referring to themselves as urban nudists)..."  Please, out of respect for America's nudists, stop referring to these naked people as 'nudists'.  Nudism/naturism as internationally defined includes a philosophy and code of behavior along with our preference for social nudity IN APPROPRIATE PLACES, as stated by the American Association for Nude Recreation (AANR).

Anyone can get naked and do anything; and that makes them a naked person, not a nudist or naturist!  They may refer to themselves as nudists in order to avoid being identified in other, perhaps more accurate terms such as exhibitionists (as activist Mitch Hightower refers to them), perverts, deviates, or pervs.  We practitioners of family naturism find it quite offensive to be falsely  associated with them through the misuse of the term nudist.  There is nothing 'nudist' about flaunting nakedness in public. offers no opinion as to whether they should be allowed or not allowed to pursue their activities; that's a matter between those naked people and their elected officials and not a nudist issue.  Our only concern is that the good name of America's nudists has been exposed to the same sort of ridicule which this matter has brought upon the residents of Castro, deserving or not.

That's wrong.  Social nudism is a multi-generational family pastime that happens to include being nude, but never includes lewd or rude!

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