Pooping Puppies Hurt by Decline in Print Newspaper

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Turns out, newsrooms aren't the only ones seriously affected by the decline in print newspaper. The shifting media landscape has also created a bathroom emergency for peeing and pooping puppies over at the local Animal Care & Control.

As we understand it, the local shelter has been relying on old newspapers, specifically dumped Chronicles to line the cages for puppies in potty training (the size of the Examiner is better suited for bird cages).

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To help deal with this pressing media powder room problem, the San Francisco library stepped in, giving the shelter two 32-gallon recycling bins full of old newspapers as part of a new program to ensure that the local puppies have a consistent stream(!) of paper.

The library had been recycling all of the roughly 2,000 newspapers it went through every month, but now those news stories will get picked up by the animal shelter -- and that should cover the puppies' needs. It's a sad, sad day when more dogs rely on the Chronicle than readers.

"They are poop machines," Eric Zuercher, animal care supervisor, explained to the Chron.

And you don't want your new pooping machine to poop all over your mini iPad.

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