The Only Thing Unsightlier Than Public Nudists Is Naked PETA Activists (Update)

Courtesy of PETA
You be the judge
Update 3:13 p.m.:PETA folks contacted us this afternoon, asking that we run an updated photo of the real PETA nudists so that you can see for yourself that they are in no way "unsightly." So here you go, the updated (NSFW) photo is to your right.

Original story 8 a.m.: It's clear PETA activists aren't appreciative of all the negative attention San Francisco's nudists are taking away from them. So naturally, the always-offended group is attempting to one-up the city's naturists with a let's-get-naked rally of their own.

On Thursday, PETA activists will gather outside City Hall "wearing nothing but the smiles on their faces." Their cause really has nothing to do with nudism, body expression, or the First Amendment, but they are advocating on behalf of animal skin, if you're desperate for a connection.

Those smiling, yet seemingly dissatisfied activists will be holding signs that read, "Bare Skin, Don't Wear Skin," in hope of persuading San Francisco residents (clothed and unclothed) to stop wearing fur, leather, and wool stripped from our less-evolved friends.

PETA claims that animals who are killed for their fur are electrocuted, poisoned, gassed, or have their necks broken all so you can look hot at the club on Friday night.

"No matter where you stand on nudism, both sides can agree that no animal would ever give up his or her skin willingly," says PETA nudist Meggan Anderson. "By showing some of our own skin, we hope that people will consider letting animals keep theirs."

Make sense?

If you miss today's rally, don't sweat it, there will be more nudism on Friday -- same place, same time, but for very different reasons.

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They are a cute bunch, and I'm glad you've retracted a few ounces of your usual snark.

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