Menlo Park Cop Busted "Killing Time" With Prostitute Gets His Job Back

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Is back at work to kill more time
A Menlo Park police detective who was caught with his pants down -- literally -- is back patrolling the streets after prosecutors dropped charges against him for soliciting a prostitute.

Officer Jeffrey Kenneth Vasquez was arrested in Feb. 2011 in Sunnyvale after he was found naked in a Motel 6 with a prostitute. The Santa Clara County District Attorney charged him with soliciting prostitution; however, the case was dismissed because the key witness -- a Sunnyvale police officer -- couldn't testify because of a "serious family medical emergency," CBS reports.

"While it may be frustrating on one level, I have a duty as a prosecutor to only prosecute cases I can prove beyond a reasonable doubt. And if I don't have a witness, or I can't prove a case, I have to dismiss, we can't go forward with it," Santa Clara County Assistant District Attorney Rob Baker told the news station.

Vasquez was caught when police went to the motel at 806 W. Ahwanee Ave. about 5:30 p.m. on Feb. 18, 2011, to conduct a probation warrant search on 32-year-old Natalia Ramirez. When the cops opened the door, they found Ramirez dressed in a black catsuit with several rolled-up $20 bills tucked into her cleavage, according to the Mercury News.

Inside the bathroom, they found 48-year-old Officer Vasquez naked and "on his knees on the bathroom floor," according to police reports.

Vasquez confessed to Sunnyvale police that he was a Menlo Park officer who had met Ramirez on My Redbook, a website commonly used to advertise sexual services. Vasquez confirmed he was there for sex, and Ramirez confirmed she was there as a prostitute, according to the police report.

The Menlo Park detective claimed he was on duty when he went to Sunnyvale to serve a subpoena. However, he found himself with an "hour to kill" because the person he was trying to serve wasn't home yet.

Vasquez told the cops that he solicited a prostitute because he was recently divorced and his mother had recently died. "I feel like a loser," he reportedly said.

According to The Almanac, Menlo Park had to reinstate the officer after he challenged the city's undisclosed disciplinary action against him.

For the record, Officer Vasquez earned a base salary of $133,468.78 in 2010 for a full year of service, and $111,056.87 in 2011. We know what you are thinking -- that's a lot of prostitutes.

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Well, given that San Mateo District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe wrote a gushing supportive email to San Mateo Sheriff Greg Munks when he and Undersheriff Carlos Bolanos were caught going into a house for underaged prostitutes in Las Vegas in 2007, perhaps Detective Vasquez was under the impression that anything goes for law enforcement in San Mateo County. 

After all, Sheriff Munks and Bolanos still have their jobs!!!!!

Here's what DA Steve Wagstaffe wrote to Sheriff Munks  and Bolanos after he was caught going into the house of underaged prostitutes:

4/25/07 10:20 am

Greg and Carlos,

"Just a quick word of support from me as you go through a difficult time. To those who matter, your decades of outstanding work in law enforcement are all that count and your integrity is not the slightest marked by the modern media's to make a story out of a non-story."

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PS: SF Weekly: You really should credit reporter Sandy Brundage at the Atherton Almanac  who broke the story. Not CBS. CBS picked it up from the Almanac.


The real story is that Detective Vasquez solicited the services of a prostitute from My Redbook. There have been many news reports that My Redbook is a hotbed for underage prostitutes and child trafficking. The FBI has done a bunch of stings on people associated with My Redbook.  

Here's one from the SF Examiner:

In fact, if you do a Google search you will see that one of the moderators of SFRedbook is a former doctor and convicted felon who lives in Menlo Park in the same town where Vasquez is a police officer!! My, my, what a coincidence!!

Or is it?

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Another disgraceful example of authority behaving badly.

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