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Joe Eskenazi
Fight the power...
As a federal judge mulls San Francisco's pending ban of most public nudity, city denizens may be desiring a thoughtful debate over the merits of walking around naked in public -- sans demonstrative people walking around naked in public.

Barring the unforeseen appearance of a nudist, tonight may offer just that. A debate over the merits and detriments of the anti-nudity ordinance is slated for 7 p.m. at the Commonwealth Club.

Club members take in the event for free; non-members must cough up $5. Non-member nudists must find someplace to keep that $5 prior to forking it over.

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Actually, shambling like zombies. But very visible.
Per the event's preamble:

So what gives? Is this new law a slippery slope to the mainstreaming of San Francisco and its gay community, soon to become indistinguishable from any other city in America? Or are we merely enunciating the fact that we're a living City populated with real people with minimum standards and not just a bunch of weirdos?...

What do you think? Join us at the next SFDebate where we'll conduct a clothed debate of this law and its impact on San Francisco.

Is "a clothed debate" a euphemism for something, akin to "clothed in vast power"? If not, that's a point against the pro-nudity side. Having a naked person present in a situation where nudity is not par for the course might go a long way toward buttressing the city's position.

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