Now That He's Done Fighting Public Nudists, Supervisor Scott Wiener Fights Crime

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Now that public nudity has lost its sex appeal, Supervisor Scott Wiener has decided to turn his attention to a more alluring issue: the recent uptick in crime.

Following an unusual two-month wave of violent crimes in the Castro/Upper Market neighborhood, Wiener held a community meeting last night to figure out how deal with this disturbing trend.

The meeting drew a diverse group of concerned folks, including cops, politicians, and the lovely Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. They felt compelled to attend because starting this past November, the fun-loving neighborhood has experienced a stabbing, a pistol-whipping, and more than its fair share of robberies in "very residential areas in broad daylight," according to Wiener.

Police say there hasn't been an increase in overall crime; however, the number of robberies, specifically of smartphones and tablets, skyrocketed throughout San Francisco last year. Many of the robberies have occurred on Muni in particular; the bus pulls into a stop, the door opens, and someone snatches an iPad -- or whatever device they can get their hands on -- and runs out the door.

Wiener says he's just trying to help his constituents keep from becoming the next target.

"We talked about not being so engrossed in [phone] conversation that you're not aware of what's going on around you," he told us.

Wiener says he's trying to increase police presence within the neighborhood, but it's not easy considering the "entire department is understaffed." Now for the good news: The SFPD has a new crop of officers graduating the academy, with 43 new members getting their badge Friday.

"I think there are always crime trends, crime goes up and down," he said. "We live in the city and it happens. We all just have to be vigilant, be safe and work with the police. And look out for other people. When neighbors look after neighbors that's important, it helps reduce crime."

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