Authorities Say MLK Day Is the Perfect Time to Get Rid of Your Gun

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Sadly, they don't include an IQ test in the background check
If you missed San Francisco's gun buy back last month, here's another opportunity for you to quit your firearms.

Marin is hosting its own gun buy-back event, extending the invitation to residents in San Francisco, Contra Costa, and Sonoma counties. So cancel your plans to hit the shooting range on Jan. 15 and Jan. 21 so you can drive to the North Bay and hand over your (working) weapons to the cops.

No, this isn't some trap to catch crooks; it's more like a last-ditch effort to get guns out of the hands of crooks. To ensure this happens, the county is offering up cash for your cache. Each firearm will net gun owners $100, and $200 if they're willing to turn over operable semi-automatic handguns or semi-automatic long guns.

No questions asked.

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"Sometimes we need to come together taking one small step that empowers the average individual with the ability to do something," Marin District Attorney Ed Berberian said in a statement. "I personally believe we are a society with too many guns simply sitting in garages, closets, drawers and who knows where else. Our community has seen these weapons appear in our neighborhoods and streets.

"Let's take a step to reduce the total number of these weapons," he added.

Authorities say these two days couldn't be a more appropriate time to get rid of your guns; Jan. 15 is Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday, and Jan. 21 is MLK Day, where the nation will honor the civil rights activist, who was a nonviolent man himself. MLK was shot to death April 4, 1968.

In any event, you can honor MLK by dropping off your firearm at the following locations:

Police departments in Novato, San Rafael, and Larkspur; the Point Reyes substation of the Marin County Sheriff's office; and St. Andrew's Church in Marin City. All locations will accept the guns between 11 a.m. and 8 p.m.

Don't forget some sort of documentation proving you are a resident in one of the four counties. Don't worry, that documentation won't be used to open up any police reports.

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This article is bigoted. If you want to honor MLK and his good work then you must give up your guns. 

The implication is that if you DON'T give up your guns, and the means to defend yourself and your family, then you MUST HATE DR KING and all of the work he has done for this country. If you have guns, then you hate racial equality. If you have guns then you must hate black people.

It's a pathetic argument and using Dr. King's tragic assassination to pander like this is most repugnant.


Yea,I'll give up my gun to bullet at a time


One has a moral responsibility to disobey unjust laws. - Martin Luther King.

MLK would be disgusted by the use of his name for this.  He was a gun owner and fully supported civilian ownership and carrying of weapons for lawful self defense.


Yea right,  I'll sell my $2000 gun for $200.   The way things are headed I'll be able to sell it for $5000 in a few months.

red.marcy.rand topcommenter

MLK was for the right to carry concealed guns and in fact owned an arsenal. That's the only thing I ever agreed with this Communist Party stooge on. Tell your 'authorities' to butt shove it up their stinky southern canals.


It's the WORST day to get rid of your gun! Have you ever been to the MLK parade? The most dangerous thing in the city. How are we supposed to protect ourselves from those roving bands of dangerous negros?

Mary Littlelamb
Mary Littlelamb

i say we get rid of those violent video games as well

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