Mavericks Surfing Competition to Be Held Sunday -- and You Can Thank Japan for That

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That's not even that big
Finally, the stellar waves the world's greatest surfers have been pining for are expected to land here Sunday.

It's all over the news: The highly anticipated Mavericks Big Wave surf contest is scheduled Sunday as a storm off Japan has sent swells heading right smack for the Northern California coast -- swells that could reach 20 feet or higher.

It's pretty exciting news, considering it will be the first time Mother Nature has cooperated with Mavericks since 2010, the last time the contest was held.

Mavericks founder Jeff Clark told KTVU that his team has been analyzing the anticipated swell. "The way this storm has telegraphed and what it's going to do, I think we'll be able to make the call this afternoon -- and it looks promising," Clark said.

Contest organizers are expecting the swells to be perfect around noon Sunday. Surfers will be ready with their boards at 8 a.m.

According to contest organizers, 24 of the world's most skilled surfers were picked to participate in the extreme surfing contest, held just a half-mile off the coast of Half Moon Bay at the Mavericks break. The contest window is open from November through March, but the contest itself only lasts 24 hours.

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What months typically have the biggest waves at Mavericks?  Winter storms?

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