Marlena's Will No Longer Be Called Marlena's

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It will always be Marlena's to us
Last week, it was revealed that Marlena's, San Francisco's most fantastic drag bar, had been sold. We didn't know much then, other than it will be closed down for a brief stint while the new owners make some changes.

What we now know is that one of those changes includes a renaming of the vintage Hayes Valley watering hole. As reported by Hayeswire, the bar was purchased by local barkeeps Matt Conway, Anthony Healy-London, and Josh McAdam. The trio confirmed that Marlena's will no longer be called Marlena's, but they aren't yet sure what the new name will be.

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Per the blog:

Conway is currently the bar manager at Absinthe, and has previously worked at Nopa and Comstock Saloon, while Healy-London is part of the team behind several bars around San Francisco including Churchill, Bloodhound, and Double Dutch. Conway and Healy-London will be in charge of the bar's day-to-day operations, while McAdam, a childhood friend of Healy-London's, will work behind the scenes.

They wouldn't reveal any details about the pending changes; however, drag hags need not to worry. The new owners say they are well aware of the bar's history and tacky traditions, and they plan to respect that as they make the transition.

Healy-London writes:

We are in discussion with Marlena/Gary about what of the Marlena's traditions will continue. We understand what Marlena's has meant (and continues to mean) to this neighborhood and we are sensitive to that in our decision-making process. We are really excited to be joining a neighborhood that we already love and know very well.

Expect the doors to close in March, with a (hopeful) reopening in April.

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Hopefully carrying on Marlena's tradition will mean more than just naming one of their $12 cocktails after the place. 

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