Mom Who Claimed Man Tried to Kidnap Her Toddler Now Says She Made It All Up

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Remember earlier this week when the South Bay community was freaked out after learning that a strange man had snatched a woman's toddler out from her hands? Turns out, you can relax -- there is no reported kidnapper on the loose.

According to press reports, Jenny Araujo admitted to the cops that she made up the story for reasons that are beyond us. The cops, who have been investigating the crime all week, busted her after noticing she was having some trouble keeping her story straight.

On Jan. 15, San Jose police got a call about a stranger who attempted to kidnap a toddler on the 2000 block of Dayo Court in East San Jose. When police arrived, the "suspect" had already left the scene.

Scratch that
The mother told investigators that her daughter was in the front yard playing when the man walked up to them. Araujo picked up her daughter, and that's when the man supposedly grabbed the girl's legs and tried to carry her away with him. "I couldn't get her away fast enough," Araujo told reporters. "Her boots fell off. Her pants were coming off because he was pulling hard enough."

Araujo said she was able to get her daughter free, and ran inside and called the cops.

That was her story, which was convincing enough that police went as far as to release a sketch of the apparent would-be kidnapper.

Then on Thursday, they interviewed mom again, but by that time, she had apparently forgotten the details of her story. Police said it's not yet clear if Araujo, who has a criminal history, will face charges for falsely reporting a crime.

What is clear is that dad is not happy about his baby mama creating this kind of family drama. "I'm upset this lie was perpetuated by my baby's mother for reasons unknown," Curtis Wordlaw, the girl's father, told ABC News.

Apparently, this ain't her first rodeo.

"She told all my friends and her family that my daughter had leukemia and it wasn't until one of her friends who's a nurse asked her about the treatment that she was receiving that she came clean," Wordlaw said.

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How typical.  ..  Mothers are so Sacred we always seem to want to beleive them . ..and let's remember something.  The number 1 killer of small children is . . wait for it . . .THEIR MOTHERS!




Best legal defense angle for her would be ' Munchhausen by Proxy ' syndrome...

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