Internet-Addicted Kids Allegedly Drug Parents So They Could Use Computer

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We're guessing they won't be able to log on for a long time
Two Northern California teens were taken to juvenile hall after they allegedly slipped sleeping pills into their parents' drinks, putting the adults in a deep slumber, long enough for the girls to get online well past their curfew.

According to press reports, the 15-year-old girl and her 16-year-old friend offered to pick up milkshakes from a fast-food restaurant for the parents of one of the suspects. Delighted by the sweet offer, the parents accepted the delicious desserts, not knowing they were mixed with more than just milk and fat.

The girls, who are residents of Rocklin in Placer County, had allegedly dosed the drinks with sleeping medication, which made the presumably already exhausted parents fall right to sleep.

After tucking mom and dad in, the devilish girls did exactly what they weren't supposed to: got online.

The next day the parents were suspicious (probably because they never get that much sleep) and decided to pick up a drug test kit, which confirmed their suspicions. Mom and dad called the police, who took the teens into custody.

The girls reportedly told investigators they were trying to find a way around the house rules, which include no more Internet after 10 p.m.

No word on what the kids were doing online, but now might be a good time for mom and dad to check their credit card statements.

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Grace Ivy
Grace Ivy

ahahhahahaahhaha they'd rather lose there parents but not internet...ahhaahah..

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