Google Exec to Visit World's Other Mysterious, Totalitarian Empire

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Denis Bakfiets via Wikimedia
We found this image on Google
Google's Eric Schmidt is headed to the anti-Google country of North Korea, where the American Internet guru is going to conduct mysterious business in the world's most mysterious country.

His travel partner, New Mexico's former Gov. Bill Richardson has told media outlets (vaguely) that the trip is nothing more than a "humanitarian mission" to the world's most restrictive and cryptic country. That mission may (or may not) include securing the release of an imprisoned American.

If you ask us, getting the Internet-deprived denizens of North Korea hooked up to the world wide web would also be pretty humanitarian of him.

In any event, after Schmidt was scheduled to depart Mountain View, we got curious about his controversial trip overseas, and attempted to Google map his journey for everyone (except North Koreans) to see.

Here's all we got:

So unfortunately, we can't give you the itinerary of Schmidt's curious trip to the communist country or any satellite images of the country's landscape, for obvious reasons.

Who knows what this trip will bring; perhaps secret shots of North Korea for us to see on Google's street view.

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Maria Nelson
Maria Nelson

Hopefully he will bring back the imprisoned American!

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