Gold Dust Lounge Re-Opening Postponed

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Wants to ensure the naked ladies are just as you remember, if you can remember
For those of you who had Jan. 11 marked on your calendar with plans to hit the new Gold Dust Lounge for a really tall beer and some very familiar tunes, well, you'll just have to wait some more.

Sadly, the old bar isn't quite ready for patrons at its new Fisherman's Wharf location. As Owner Nick Bovis explained to us, the main goal here, aside from bringing back everyone's buzz, is to make certain the local watering hole maintains its eccentricity -- bar stools, red velvet booths, and gold filigree mirrors. Specifically, what's taking a lot longer than anticipated is the recreation of the naked ladies and cherubs.

If you've spent any time on the barroom floor (you know who you are), then you know exactly what we're talking about when we say naked ladies and cherubs.

That'd be the ceiling.

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Bovis explains that they are working off actual photographs taken of the old ceiling to recreate the new one, one naked lady at a time. "MGM painted the ceiling, one of the L.A. movie companies, and they were able to create the atmosphere, so it's really important to keep it the bustles and boas era," he says. "The ceiling is the most important to recreate exactly the same."

He adds that whenever an old establishment reopens, patrons are most critical about the atmosphere not having the same vibe. "So I am doing everything I can to make it look the same," Bovis says. "The issue is the space is bigger, so we have to recreate everything bigger."

The good news is that the bathrooms are also bigger.

In any event, keep a look out for news on the Gold Dust grand opening party, which Bovis says he hopes will now happen by the end of the month.

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