George Gerald Anderson, Alleged Fake Parking Lot Attendant, Arrested

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Is currently parked in county jail
As if trying to park your car in San Francisco weren't drama enough, the cops say they've busted one of those faux parking attendants who have been pocketing your hard-earned cash at local lots.

George Gerald Anderson, 50, of San Francisco, was arrested on suspicion of theft after a tourist saw him pocket the money the victim had given him, thinking he was paying for a parking spot.

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The parking saga went down on Jan. 5 about 10:40 a.m. when a tourist from Riverside flagged down a cop and explained how "uneasy" he felt about his parking situation, especially after he saw the suspect pocket his parking fee. The 61-year-old victim explained that he had just paid the suspect a fee to park in a lot near Kearny and Bay streets. The tourist asked the cop to do some police work and see if this "parking lot attendant" was in fact a parking lot attendant.

When the first police officer pulled into the lot, the victim claimed he noticed that Anderson transferred the money from his pocket into the lot's parking ticket machine. Officers also noted a sign which told drivers to deposit parking money into the ticket machine, as the lot did not have a parking attendant.

Officers say they found a number of used parking lot tickets in Anderson's pocket, and one of these tickets matched the receipt that the suspect had placed under the victim's vehicle windshield wiper.

Anderson made the cops' case against him that much easier when he bragged that he had been the star of a recent newspaper article about parking lot con-artists.


Anderson, who has prior arrests in San Francisco for numerous theft-related crimes, is currently on probation for possessing or receiving stolen property. He was charged with theft by trick or device, theft with a prior conviction, destruction of evidence, and a probation violation.

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