George Davis, Perennial Nudist Candidate, to Announce Bid to Unseat Scott Wiener

George Davis, far right, hopes to march into office
Tomorrow, it seems, is gonna be a big day. Not only have the city's indignant nudists promised to put the nascent nudity ban to the test, plaintiff and serial nudist candidate George Davis has pledged to announce his candidacy for District 8 Supervisor in the 2014 election.

The current occupant of that position is a fella named Scott Wiener with fairly well-defined positions regarding disrobing in public. As SF Weekly noted earlier, however, his ordinance banning most nudity on city streets doesn't exactly have a well-defined solution for nudity couched as political speech -- and announcing one's candidacy for office seems a bit political. 

At a Jan. 17 hearing in federal court, Deputy City Attorney Tara Steeley was unable to answer Judge Edward Chen's query about how the city would handle a Feb. 1 political protest involving nude protesters protesting nudity laws. Broad exemptions for nude political demonstrations, she continued, would "be the exception that swallows the rule." Well, open wide. Christina DiEdoardo, the nudists' attorney, has already claimed that a "naked man with an #occupy cockring" would be acceptable political speech.

Come Feb. 1, we may see "Vote Davis" cock rings. People who went to law school are gonna have to deal with this. On the public dime.

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Davis wants your vote, but not your towel
Davis first became involved with electoral politics in 2007, when a long list of astoundingly unelectable people -- and Quintin Mecke -- vied to oust Mayor Gavin Newsom. As we put it back then, "the popular conception of the 13 non-Newsom candidates as a pack of no-hope lunatics is not accurate. It's actually a pack of no-hope, earnest city residents, lunatics and earnest city lunatics."

The Naked Candidate earned 645 votes that year, which translates to 0.45 percent of the electorate. In 2010, running for District 6 supervisor, he managed only 160 votes -- which was a slightly higher 0.76 percent of the electorate, but not enough to stave off Jane Kim.

"It's a democracy and anyone who wants to run can run," said Wiener of his challenger. "I'm gonna keep doing my job."

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