Women's Empowerment Dancing Flash Mob, Pro-Life March to Converge on Embarcadero

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Magalie Bonneau-Marcil
Rehearsals for tomorrow's big number -- and an amazing recreation of this scene from Close Encounters
It's hard to differentiate pro-choice dancing from pro-life dancing. And Magalie Bonneau-Marcil insists that, tomorrow, San Franciscans will see neither.

The founder of Dancing Without Borders is a co-organizer of a flash mob set for 11:30 a.m. Saturday at Justin Herman Plaza. She expects 500 or so women to partake in "the largest flash mob dance ritual" in the Bay Area as a statement against violence and oppression of women. (She is unsure of the size of the second-largest flash mob dance ritual.) 

Around 90 minutes after the dancing concludes, the anti-abortion Walk for Life march is set to hit the plaza. The confluence of these groups could lead to a mob of another sort -- and that's not what Bonneau-Marcil wants.

"We are not making a statement of pro-choice or pro-life," she says. The dancing, rather, "helps women find their voice and find their own inner power and say 'I've got to take my power back. Respect my body. My body is sacred.'"

It's conceivable that a pro-life enthusiast could take that message and run with it in a way of his or her own choosing. Perhaps it's for the best there's an ostensible 90-minute gap between the events.

The dancing meant as a lead-in to "One Billion Rising," in which organizers hope that 1 billion people will simultaneously dance on Valentine's Day as a statement regarding the unacceptability of violence against women. One billion is a lot of people. This sounds more feasible than, say, levitating the Pentagon, but not by too much. Good luck with it.

Since we don't want to ruin tomorrow's half-hour, choreographed routine, we're instead posting our very favorite dance clip of all time: The Nicholas brothers in Stormy Weather. Enjoy.

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