SF Weekly Spots Creepy Anti-Semitic Elmo at Lunch

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Admittedly, we don't take lunch breaks around here that often, but we're sure glad we did yesterday. Not just because our bellies were full, but because on our way to pick up burritos, we finally saw the monstrous muppet that's been haunting San Francisco since October.

The life-sized Elmo was just the same as we had seen in photos -- large and happy as he waved to tourists passing by. We knew for sure it was the same Elmo who had made headlines in both New York City and San Fran based on his hallmark canvas satchel he had strapped around his neck.

We pulled over to say "What's up, Elmo" and play tourist in our own city.

Ian S. Port
Incidentally, he was tickled by our presence

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As readers probably recall, this Elmomade a cameo in the Richmond District last October, where he reportedly showed up at a local park, hugged children, and then broke out in his own version of song and dance, hurling obscenities and racist remarks around the park.

Elmo perplexed, scared, and disappointed parents. They called the cops, who said they really couldn't arrest Elmo -- whose real name is Adam Sandler (no relation to the actor) -- because he really hadn't done anything criminal. A few weeks later, tourists spotted Elmo again, but this time at Fisherman's Wharf. At that time, Elmo told reporters that he had relocated from New York City to San Francisco because people were "friendlier."

Here's a few videos taken in San Francisco and New York of "Elmo" ranting and raving, including anti-semitic remarks.

And this one:

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Why don't you write the headline to more accurately describe this story? It should be, "Decent Man Tells The Truth About The Jews" 

red.marcy.rand topcommenter

Wat kind of a non-story is this ? Stupid !

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