Dog Killer Reward Surpasses $3,000. Is That a Lot?

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RIP, Roxy...
There's nothing like a crime committed against a dog -- or by a dog (see also: here and here) -- to get San Francisco riveted.

In the case of the wretch who tossed 12-year-old Roxy the Pekingese into traffic last week, locals' hackles have been raised -- and so have their funds. Irate dog-lovers have ponied up more than $3,000 thus far in potential reward money for whomever collars the guilty party.

That's a fair amount of cash. But how does it stack up against the rewards offered for those tipping off the cops in other sorts of cases? 

Not too surprisingly, the rewards offered for information leading to capture and successful prosecution of those who killed humans dwarfs the (albeit growing) sum offered for Roxy's killer.

You'll get $20,000 for fingering whomever callously ran down Ashlyn Dyer and left her for dead. You'll get $25,000 if you can help solve the murder of Derrick Session. If you can help incarcerate Pepefou Faalogoio's killer, $75,000 could be yours. You'll pocket $100,000 if you can shine a light on the killers of Tony Alonzo Hunt and Yusef Laron Campbell. You'll also get $100,000 if you can nab the killer of Hugues de la Plaza (though the San Francisco Police still categorize his death as "a suspicious death." We'll say). And you may earn $250,000 if you can, finally, see that the killer or killers of Aubrey Abrakasa, Jr. are brought to justice.

On the other hand, if you manage to get an illegal gun off the street, that only nets you $1,000. And turning in a graffiti vandal gets you $250.

Hopefully, no matter how much money changes hands, the man who killed that dog is apprehended. But, sadly, a great many cases involving far nastier crimes have remained unsolved, in spite of hulking rewards.

You can't buy good taste -- and, often, you can't buy justice either.

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