Chris Daly: I am No Longer Haunting David Chiu

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In the moments following his unanimous re-re-election as board president, David Chiu yesterday noted his gladness that the era of profanity and angry Donkey Kong references was in the board's rearview mirror. It was an unsubtle reference to former Supervisor Chris Daly, whose mention by Chiu earlier brought about unintended hilarity when the board president described Daly as "wandering the halls."

Following the dig(s), Daly wandered into Chiu's office. And there the two, in Daly's words, "shared a moment." The respective bêtes noires reviewed the video footage of Daly's epic January 2011 rant, delivered after it became apparent Ed Lee would be appointed mayor -- with Chiu's backing. Daly mixed apt football references, promised to "politically haunt" Chiu, and closed with "it's on like Donkey Kong."

In the hallway outside Chiu's office, Daly, now an SEIU organizer -- with an SEIU lapel pin no less -- said his ethereal days are done. "I am no longer haunting David Chiu," he confirmed.

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"It's On Like Donkey Kong": S.F. Politics, Illustrated

This came as welcome news to Chiu, who expressed much happiness. Unlike his former colleague Sean Eslbernd, Chiu never performed any manner of exorcism with relation to Daly. He let time heal that wound.

"Politics always brings out intense emotions," says Chiu. "Time and substantial work tend to mellow things out."

In his new position with the SEIU, Daly says he and his organization have "had a pretty good working relationship with David, and let's hope that keeps up in the next budget cycle. He's been very helpful."

In supporting John Avalos for mayor over Chiu, Daly feels he made good on his pledge to politically haunt the board president. Perhaps. But, considering Lee's blatant broken promise regarding running for mayor -- a position Chiu played a large hand in securing for him -- the board president's worst political haunting came via his own hand.

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An SEIU pin an Chris Daly go together like fecal material on a sidewalk


Bully Chris Daly can't help himself.  He will be haunting someone else before long if he hasn't started already.  Someone must be reining him in...he can't rein himself in.  There will be a story before long and it will be on like Donkey Kong with someone. 

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