"Cleavage Appreciation Day" Is a Thing. Who Knew?

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Appreciation, indeed
our humble narrator has just been informed that today is "Cleavage Appreciation Day" -- which, we assumed prior to this notification, was simply any day ending in a "y."

We're not in Kansas anymore, Toto. Can you imagine telling the teenagers of 1990 that, in the future, they could unwittingly stumble across photos like these? The Internet has done to tracking down photos of scantily clad women what the washing machine did for laundry, reducing a back-breaking, dirty chore to something one can do without even leaving the home.

Anyhow, enough philosophizin'. Here's some Twitterin':

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Ha, ha, ha -- Jesus!

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Hiram Rodriguez
Hiram Rodriguez

In order to prevent countless office sexual harassments lawsuits, cleavage appreciation day should only be observed on the weekends.

Dax Energi
Dax Energi

We do not need a special holiday. Every day is boob appreciation day.

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