Whose Expensive Abandoned Bike Is This?

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Come and get it!
I don't know bikes, but I do know fancy. And this appears to be a fancy bike.

Earlier today, a trio of BART employees gathered around this abandoned cycle at Balboa Park Station and ogled its nifty components. The front wheel is affixed with an eye-catching single-sided front fork, and the cycle features disc brakes -- both indicators this is a pricey vehicle. Also, it's a Cannondale.

Several cycling aficionados contacted by SF Weekly priced this bike from the high hundreds possibly into the thousands. Granted, you can blow a lot more on a bike. But this is still a fairly valuable property to leave chained, for months, in a BART station. If it's yours, you better act soon.

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A yellow tag affixed to the bike's rear wheel warns it must be moved by Dec. 31. Unless that's December of 2013, that date has come and gone. But, rather soon, it appears the wayward bike is headed for the BART police evidence room and, eventually, public auction.

A call to the police evidence room revealed the employee who could disclose further details doesn't work on Friday. Alas.

But a potential bidder at a forthcoming auction may be getting a deal, here. The chain is bone dry and dust coats the cycle, which was left exposed to the elements for months. But it appears the front fork is a modification. Someone had a lot of interest in this vehicle before having no interest at all.

Still, noted one of the BART employees, it could have been worse. It could have been abandoned at Daly City station, one stop down the line -- where the salty breeze would have rusted it.

And, with rare exceptions, rust is undesirable.

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