Bay Area Residents Really Don't Want Their Guns Anymore

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It's not too hard to believe that some cash-strapped gun-toters would turn over their firearms in exchange for some money. What is hard to believe is that any of them would hand over those very expensive items to the cops for free.

Marin County reports that police stations have been flooded with folks who are sick and tired of guns and violence, enough so that they spent MLK Day voluntarily stripping themselves of their firearms.

Stranger things probably haven't happened in Marin County, at least not for a while.

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Last week, the District Attorney there asked residents to participate in a gun buyback program, where cops would pay gun owners between $100 and $200 for each firearm they turned in. The program -- which was open to San Francisco residents, too -- was so damn popular that the cops ran out of money and had to start doling out IOUs. Within 90 minutes, Marin County blew through the $43,000 it had set aside for gun owners -- and still owes $67,000.

Yesterday, the gun buyback continued, minus the buying part. According to ABC News, at least 29 more guns were handed in with no promises that their former owners would ever get paid.

The county is now asking for you to kick in your hard-earned cash to pay these gun owners who are at least trying to get those weapons off the streets.

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hplovecraft topcommenter

 Paradoxically , it's not the dangerous critter pictured in this article , who's turning in his 'stick' but rather

it's baby boomer white liberals who're cheerfully capitulating....a form of 'rough trade' , maybe ?

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