Cops Release Photos of Recovered Bikes Stolen From BART Passengers

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If your bike was rudely snatched recently, you might want to peruse these photos of bikes and bike parts that BART police recovered after one victim spotted his property for sale on Craigslist.

After a San Francisco man saw his stolen bike posted for sale on Craigslist, he contacted the seller to arrange a meeting -- but not before alerting the cops, according to press reports.

When the victim and suspect met up at the Ashby Station on Sunday, BART officers interrupted the transaction and arrested 57-year-old Marque Moore on suspicion of possession of stolen property. They later searched his Richmond home and found even more bikes that police believe were stolen.

Now's your chance to reclaim your two-wheel transportation. According to BART, theft victims can easily identify their stolen property online, but in order to claim their property, owners must provide either a case number from a theft report, or other proof it belongs to them, including a receipt or proof of purchase which shows the serial number, or other identifiable marks unique to the bicycle.

If you recognize your bicycle, frame, or other parts, give BART Police Investigations Unit a call at (510) 464-7040.

Here are some photos of the recovered bikes:

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