Ballsy 49ers Fan Decides Football Victory Makes Him Invincible to Driving Laws

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San Francisco cops noted unruly Niners fans kept them plenty busy over the weekend as some chose to bask in football glory by boozing and beating each other up.

But we are wondering if the cops ever caught sight of this particularly ballsy Niners fan, who chose a more enterprising way of celebrating S.F.'s ascension to the Super Bowl. As you can see, this driver went ahead and blocked out his (or her) license plate with a crappy homemade "Atlanta Got Served" sign, which we spotted near City Hall.

Joe Eskenazi

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Turns Out, Even Uncle Sam Gets Parking Tickets in San Francisco

Alas, the car was legally parked in a blue zone. Too bad he didn't have the temporary handicap placard -- those are red.

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