ABC7's Dan Noyes Gets Bitched Out by Bar Pilot During Interview in San Francisco (Video)

Doesn't like to be touched
ABC7's Investigative Team hit the pavement again yesterday, trying to get some answers about bar pilot Guy Kleess, the guy who slammed an oil tanker into the Bay Bridge earlier this week. And let's just say, the final product was the perfect combination of news and entertainment.

As you will see in the video below, the team's chief reporter Dan Noyes, who's notorious for provoking and being provoked, arrived at San Francisco's Pier yesterday morning where he got a not-so-warm welcome from bar pilot George Dowdle, even though he was not involved in Monday's accident. According to Noyes, Dowdle began pushing him and firing obscenities at him.

Here's the video:

A fun performance, but not as riveting as this smash-hit:

Of course, this is the ultimate curtain-raiser:

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njudah topcommenter

That bully from the pilot's association came off like a jerk-ass.

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