5 Reasons You Should Move to S.F. If You Are Fat (NSFW)

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2. Here's your one perk: Giant sodas aren't banned yet. No, the city has not (yet) taken away your right to take down an entire Big Gulp before noon. Now that's democracy in action.
1. Look, you're going to have to digest this reality: This isn't Houston, Texas, where there's a parking lot for every taco stand. You're gonna have to rely on public transit and BART is insanely crowded. Your other option is to walk home, and we all know you really don't want to do that.

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Very true. Except for the sex one, you wont get sexxy good time until you already loose the weight.

Todd Ganser
Todd Ganser

Stroll the disgusting sidewalks in this town...you'll lose your appetite fast.

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