This Christmas Mushroom Should Cheer You Up

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There's been way too much horrible news as of late -- and especially around the holidays, when everything is supposed to feel good.

Lucky for our readers, David Cruz, San Francisco's ubiquitous nature photog, snapped these cool photos of Amanita Muscaria, aka "Fly Agaric," aka the "Christmas Mushroom."

David Cruz via Natures Latern
This should get you in the Christmas Spirit

David Cruz via Natures Latern
pretty ... pretty poisonous!
It's not a rare mushroom, but it sure is potent, and poisonous, and damn attractive. Because he doesn't want everyone going out picking these things and ingesting them, Cruz is wisely keeping the location a secret. However, we can tell you the mushrooms were found in San Francisco on the morning of Dec. 8.

But if you do spot them and decide to chow down on the pretty shrooms, be prepared to experience something like this:

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