Tequila-Imbibing Man Claims He Saw a UFO in the Mission (Video)

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San Francisco is sorta the bastion of the unexplained -- we can't always make sense of what we see passing through the city.

Of course, it could just be the alcohol.

A San Francisco man is claiming he saw -- and recorded -- a UFO flying over the city's Mission District on Sunday night. CBS delivered the news this morning of Enrique Barrios, who spotted "a series of lights fly in formation above the city before appearing to take a diamond shape and eventually disappearing."


Barrios tells Mission Mission:

My wife and I were about to head home parked in Valencia, when she noticed these lights in formation above the San Francisco Mission District. I wasn't sure if at first if it was another Tequila hazed mirage, but myself and a few bi-standars where all in complete awe at the lights we saw on Valencia. Please excuse my drunken reaction. This was the first time I ever saw something like this. There's also a yellow speck which is from my iPhone lens but it's clear which lights I'm referring to. At first glance, I thought it might be fireworks but when they started to form a triangular formation, I knew this was uncommon.

You folks be the judge. My final conclusion....UFOs are here for Papalote salsa.

Apparently, it wasn't the booze; Barrios wasn't the only one who witnessed this fiery formation Sunday night. Readers on Mission Mission chimed in as well:

And then there were some who didn't see anything, but are still convinced that aliens came and left San Francisco:

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Lisa Eileen Hern
Lisa Eileen Hern

I see UFOs in the Mission all the time. The aliens know where it is at.

Jay Jasper Pugao
Jay Jasper Pugao

UhipsterFO :) they were wearing plaid shirts, tight pants, and was didnt care about regular humans lol

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