A Bunch of Apple iMacs Stolen From Telegraph Hill Neighborhood Center

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Looks like he'll be asking Santa for jail time
Some Grinch stole more than Christmas from the youth in Telegraph Hill -- he stole seven brand-new computers.

SF Weekly got wind of a Nov. 9 burglary at the Telegraph Hill Neighborhood Center, where the brand-new Apple iMac computers were stolen from the computer lab. According to the center, the crooks(s) damaged the exterior windows as well as wiring and other equipment inside the lab.

These stolen computers were vital in delivering media classes for youth, adults and seniors -- many of whom are underserved/underprivileged and do not own computers. Although our insurance will help us recuperate some of the cost, it will fall far short of the actual expense to re-build our lab.

In other words, 'tis the season to share your hard-earned money and help replace the computers.

Tel-Hi is looking to raise $20,000 before Jan. 31 to replace the stolen computers, software, equipment, return the lab to its original condition, and most importantly, get back to the business of helping kids.

"We are reaching out to anyone who is willing to join us in this effort. Help us show that a community can come together in a positive way to offset the negativity that was caused by this selfish act," the group said in a statement.

So go ahead and get out your checkbook and make your tax-deductible donation right now.

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