Petition Circulates Asking Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi to Resign

Ross Needs to Resign
Ross probably isn't going to resign
An organized recall effort might have fizzled a bit, but the desire to see Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi booted from office is still very much alive.

Anti-Ross folks launched a petition today demanding the embattled sheriff voluntarily step down from his post as the county's top cop. Backers say they are trying to dodge a costly recall and are hopeful they can get 50,000 signatures within the next week.

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Per the petition:

We have a sheriff who is a convicted abuser and in charge of the very programs he is a participant in. A sheriff who arrogantly refuses to resign or to even recuse himself from overseeing these programs.

That's just wrong. We know it, and he knows it. We're asking him to voluntarily resign, so that San Francisco can avoid a recall campaign.

What does it mean for the citizens of San Francisco, to have a sheriff who's on probation? As a probationer, he's not even supposed to enter the very jails he's charged to oversee. Additionally, the sheriff's office oversees nationally recognized programs for both domestic violence victims and batterers, serves restraining orders that protect battered women, and oversees discipline of deputies who are accused of domestic violence. As an abuser, Mirkarimi does not have the ability to command these programs with full integrity. This means a loss of public trust, it compromises decades of work and undermines public safety.

We're asking Mirkarimi to resign, and we're not the only ones

Aside from signing the petition, the group behind this is asking you to spread the word -- they've even given you sample tweets you can send to your family and friends.

Sample tweet 1: SF's Sheriff is a convicted abuser. Please sign the petition demanding that Ross Mirkarimi RESIGN! Pls RT #RossResign

Sample tweet 2: SF Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi pled guilty to abusing his wife. Tell him to RESIGN and avoid a recall. #RossResign Pls RT

Mirkarimi was convicted of false imprisonment stemming from a domestic dispute where he left a bruise on his wife's arm. Mayor Ed Lee -- and plenty of others -- have called on the sheriff to resign -- and he's refused. Earlier this year, the mayor suspended the sheriff without pay while taking the steps to ensure Mirkarimi was fired.

However, Mayor Lee's plan didn't pan out; the Board of Supervisors in October voted to reinstate the progressive sheriff, despite his criminal record.

So if you're still bitter with the board and would like to see Mirkarimi get the boot you can sign the petition yourself.

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I expect better of the Weekly than to reprint someone's press release. Where are the obvious questions? Who paid for this? How are signatures verified? Are they registered San Francisco voters? Who is Andrea Shorter and who are the clients of her political consulting firm? And most of all, here is Ed Lee in the hot seat and desperate to change the subject away from SFHA, and along comes one of his commissioners to try a stunt like this to change the story line? Why, so Ed Lee can hire a sheriff with all the due diligence he did in hiring Henry Alvarez? 

I hope this is the last story we see here that just parrots the lines of a consultants press release. That's not journalism. That's a bulletin board.

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