Wanna Build Public Restrooms For San Francisco? Review These 17 Forms.

Curt Smith
Inspiring. Just inspiring.
We've spent a lot of time thinking deeply about the cost of erecting restrooms in this city. Public lavatories, per city bond measures, are pegged at around $400,000 apiece; the commode in the Panhandle cost $531,200, and the "architecturally significant" johns out by Ocean Beach could cost more than $700,000 to rehabilitate.

It figures that if you're going to be involved in million-dollar toilet deals, you'll probably be required to fill out a lot of city forms. In fact, the city's just-concluded bidding process for prefabricated public toilets involves no fewer than 17 forms.

Those who'd provide this city with relief stations, you'll be relieved to know, must agree "that no funding will be used for any casino or other gambling establishment, aquarium, zoo, golf course, or swimming pool." Good -- a golf course would have 17 holes more than necessary.

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Exhaustive Public Restroom Coverage

Per the city's design requests, it appears bidders will be providing restrooms that resemble the Tardis. Also good: When I'm sitting in a San Francisco public restroom, I'd love to be transported to faraway places.

Finally, if you want to know what San Francisco looks for in a toilet, here's eight pages of technical specs and eight more for good measure.

Print 'em out and read them ... wherever you want.

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