Public Nudists Get Naked During Board of Supervisors Meeting, One Arrested

Coburn Palmer
It's official: Public nudity is soon to be a thing of the past in San Francisco.

But until then, expect to see lots of T&A around town.

Following the Board of Supervisors 7-4 vote passing the ban, about a half-dozen nudists, led by Gypsy Taub, disrobed -- as promised -- and began shouting down the supervisors, calling them corporate puppets. They were immediately swarmed by sheriff's deputies who hussled them into waiting elevators and away from the scores of cameras.

The nudists' (fully clothed) lawyer, Christina DiEdoardo, spoke to reporters afterward, saying her clients were simply expressing their First Amendment rights.

During their hasty departure from the board chambers, one of the nudists, Ckiara Rose of Oakland, allegedly scratched a deputy and was subsequently arrested on suspicion of disorderly conduct and disrupting a public meeting, according to DiEdoardo.

After being rushed from the board room, the exhibitionists were freed; they hosted an impromptu press conference near City Hall, where they vowed to continue the fight, saying that they believe the majority of San Francisco is on their side. They compared the fight to protect nudity, which they call body freedom, to the fight for civil rights.

Then there was George Davis, the prolific nudist and mayoral candidate, who promised to run against Scott Weiner for the District 8 supervisor seat if the ban does go into effect Feb. 1.

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Actually Supervisor Jane Kim initially gave the legislation a seventh vote of support but later rescinded her vote, saying she had been distracted and accidentally voted yes.

Maybe Supervisor Olague can point her to the nearest exit, as she's packing her bags.  Say hello to Ross on your way out. Bye bye to all those "progressive "clowns. 

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