Paramount Searching for Unreleased Film That Was Stolen in San Francisco

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This story is definitely an action thriller
It's like a story made for the movies. Police are reportedly searching for a yet-to-be-released version of a film from Paramount Studios that was stolen from a car in San Francisco.

ABC7 News has the scoop after talking to Paramount Pictures' security team while they were in San Francisco trying to find the missing film. Investigators wouldn't comment to the press, and the SFPD has not responded to SF Weekly's request for comment yet, but "a source with knowledge of the investigation" told the news station that the cops are feverishly looking for an external hard drive that has the unreleased movie from Paramount Studios.

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The movie was stolen in mid-November, about a week after security cameras at the Pier 39 Parking Garage captured images of the suspects breaking into a car as well as their getaway car's license plate. Police arrested the suspects in late November and found the loot of stolen goods -- minus the the unreleased movie.

ABC7 News reports that the copy of the movie was stolen in the Pier 39 garage from a rental car that had been leased by someone from Southern California. That person had been in San Francisco working on the movie's soundtrack.

The victim filed a police before heading back to SoCal, and since then, both police and Paramount's security team have been visiting flea markets to try and find the missing hard drive.

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@KQEDarts @SFWeekly What, only one copy of a STUDIO film? What is this, the 30s?

Adelaida Caballero
Adelaida Caballero

Maybe they got the idea to get their movie stolen like the iPhone "stolen prototypes" for extra pubicity


They can probably just download it from The Pirate Bay...


They should have used Fordela! RT @SFWeekly: Paramount Searching for Unreleased Film That Was Stolen in San Francisco

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