Nudists Want to Know Why City Supervisor Didn't Want the City to Film Them Naked

That's the thing about nudists -- they want to be seen. So you can only imagine how upset they were to discover their naked bodies were never documented during a recent public meeting when a handful of them took off their clothes.

And they blame Supervisor David Chiu for that.

Spearheaded by prolific nudist Gypsy Taub, the community sent a letter to District Attorney George Gascón claiming their mass disrobing at the Nov. 20 Board of Supervisors meeting was illegally censored from public record.

According to Taub:

Under the California State Law it's a serious crime for a public officer to "alter" a public record. Under the city Sunshine Ordinance videotapes created and broadcast by SFgovTV of BOS meetings are considered to be public record. David Chiu was obviously aware of these restrictions. He was expecting me to take my clothes off and pulled a slick trick. As soon as the vote was announced and as soon as I started to unbutton my jacket he called the sheriff's deputies to throw me out and then he quickly called for recess. That recess allowed him to successfully censor out the whole protest that unfolded at the meeting, and the video was cut to the next item on the agenda.

Although Chiu didn't technically violate the Sunshine Ordinance, that's not to say he didn't "alter" the public record, Taub says.

Specifically, her point is focused on the eight seconds of the city video when the camera went dark, but the sound inside the board chambers could still be heard.

Since their naked act of civil disobedience was basically skipped over, effectively keeping it from from San Francisco Government Television record, nudists say this is yet another violation of their protected rights. The Sunshine Act mandates that all public meetings and records of those meetings be available to the public.

In short, nudists believe the spirit of the law was violated, even if the letter of the law wasn't. Neither Chiu nor the District Attorney's Office has responded to our phone calls to tell us what they think about this claim.

Read the nudists' full letter here:

gypsy letter2.jpeg

In any event, you could still catch a glimpse of these nudists today at City Hall.

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Kevin Kirby
Kevin Kirby

They're lucky the police aren't shoving them into sacks.

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