Local Blogger Arrested for Trying to Photograph Supe. Wiener's Wiener Gets Stay-Away Order

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Luke Thomas, Fog City Journal
Says trying to snap an unwanted photo of Supervisor Wiener's penis is not harassment
Michael Petrelis, the activist blogger who attempted to snap a lewd photo of Supervisor Scott Wiener, has been ordered to stay away from the city supervisor at all times.

Petrelis appeared in court yesterday where he pleaded not guilty to disorderly conduct charges; Judge Donna Alyson Little then ordered the gay rights activist to stay at least 150 feet away from the supervisor, according to KGO.

Petrelis' attorney, Derek St. Pierre, argued against the stay-away order, saying there was no threat of violence and "no pattern of harassment."

Supervisor Wiener -- and the judge -- totally disagree.

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The Wiener drama started on Oct. 26 when Petrelis followed the supervisor into the men's restroom at City Hall. He attempted to shoot a photo of Wiener as he did his business at the urinal, but the supervisor zipped up before Petrelis could get his action shot.

What Petrelis was able to get was a photo of was Supervisor Wiener grabbing for his toothbrush as he left the bathroom in a huff. Wiener filed a complaint with the Sheriff's Department, and on Nov. 29, after some police questioning, Petrelis turned himself in to authorities. He was arrested on suspicion of disorderly conduct.

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The photo
The District Attorney filed charges, explaining that Petrelis' bathroom etiquette was "very, very inappropriate." However, Petrelis' attorney said outside of court yesterday that the case is "fundamentally about a photograph of a gentleman at a sink."

Actually what this is really about, his attorney said, is journalism. "It makes it very difficult for Mr. Petrelis to continue on as a journalist."

Ah yes, photojournalism is now being compromised.
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"The District Attorney filed charges, explaining that Petrelis' bathroom etiquette was 'very, very inappropriate.'"

I had no idea SF law was guided by Emily Post


Petrelis is called an activist/blogger. Let's remember that this "activist" became known in the Bay Area for his work as an AIDS denialist. Telling people back in the late 90s that they shouldn't take HIV meds because AIDS was not caused by a virus. His stupidity was used by the President of South Africa at the time to decide it wasn't necessary to give meds to people in his country. Petrelis finally gave up on his HIV denialism when his co-conspirator died of AIDS, years after the protease inhibitors had saved so many of us. Petrelis' lack of sound judgement has never been in question. It would be useful however to do a story about the harm he has caused to other gay men. 

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