Blogger Arrested for Trying to Photograph Supervisor Wiener's Wiener Heads to Court

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Luke Thomas, Fog City Journal
For some reason, he wants to see Scott Wiener's wiener
Last week, we told you about the ballsy local blogger who admitted online to trying to snap a photo of Supervisor Scott Wiener's wiener while in the men's bathroom at City Hall. After being arrested for the indecent act, Michael Petrelis is expected to appear in court this morning to answer to charges of disorderly conduct.

Petrelis first informed the public of the drama on his personal blog, the Petrelis Files, explaining how he intended to get a graphic picture of Supervisor Wiener, who spearheaded the ban on public nudity, as he used the urinal at City Hall. But all he got was a G-rated shot of Wiener's dental hygiene habits.

Still, the fact that he bragged about his intention to get a shot of Wiener's wiener was dumb at best. District Attorney George Gascón explained to reporters that Petrelis' behavior was "very, very inappropriate."

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Gascon said that he wants to make sure San Francisco sends a message that this type of behavior is not accepted.

"It completely trespasses the social boundary of decency and good sense. "It is okay for robust political engagement, it's okay to disagree. ... It is not okay to invade people's privacy in a way that occurred in this particular case," Gascón said.

The incident happened back in October, when Wiener was at the urinal across the hall from Supervisor David Chiu's office. He was doing his business when Petrelis, his longtime nemesis, popped in the bathroom and pulled out his new camera. Wiener says he zipped up quickly -- too quick for Petrelis to get his desired shot -- and left in a huff.

Instead, Petrelis snapped a photo of Wiener grabbing for his toothbrush as he left the bathroom. Wiener filed a complaint with the Sheriff's Department and Petrelis was interviewed by some deputies before turning himself in.

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